Is there an “I” in Team? Just how together is your team?

Do you play or coach a competitive team sport over the winter months? If so, I’d welcome your support with my research study into the strength of support between teammates. I’m a PhD student seeking to recruit sports teams to participate in my study. You’ll be asked to complete a 15-minute online questionnaire once in October, once in January and once in April. Questions are about the leadership of the team and the social support between teammates. You need to be aged 16+ but there are no restrictions on gender or playing ability. You just need to be team sport players willing to help!

The aim of the research is to investigate social identity leadership from your coach and/or captain. I’m looking at the link between this type of leadership and the degree to which teammates support each other when part of a team. There’s no long answers to give and your data is totally confidential and anonymous. If you and your team are wiling to help, please access the online questionnaire using the web link or the QR code provided. If you have any questions about the research, I can be contacted at the following email address:

Thanks for your support!

Information for participants

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