Derby City Sport Forum Constitution

Aims and Objectives

  • To promote and celebrate sport across Derby,
  • To act as a lobbying group on behalf of sport in the city,
  • To champion sport for all, opportunities for all and facilities for all.
  • To promote diversity in sport.
  • To bring together all types of sports clubs/groups and organisations in the city.
  • To act as the steering group for Derby City Council’ club rewards scheme.

Working Principles

The Forum will act as a key consultative body for Derby City Council sports  development plans, or private/voluntary sectors if asked, and other associated partners. The Forum will be an independent body and will aim to praise, comment, influence and encourage sports providers and facilities in the interests of both competitive sport and active participation in sport.

The Forum will advise and assist clubs in developing and improving their operations (if required) and sharing models of best practice and resources (where feasible and in their interests).


The Forum will be open to all sectors and all sports organisations within Derby City. However, only one person from each organisation will be allowed to vote.


The Forum will be facilitated by Derby City Council Leisure and Cultural Development team.

The Forum will elect a chair and vice-chair, who will not be from Derby City Council. The group will have a named Treasurer who is responsible for leading financial management of the group.

These and other members elected or co-opted from time to time will make up a committee who may deal with any urgent business between full meetings. The meeting may delegate members to deal with specific items in conjunction with officers.

In addition to presiding at meetings, the chair (or in absentia the vice-chair ) shall be spokesperson for the group.  Officers will be elected at the annual general meeting. All officers will retire each year at the AGM but be eligible for re-appointment.


There shall be six meetings a year, one of which will also be an annual meeting for the election of officers. Agenda business will be decided in conjunction with the chair (or in absentia the vice-chair).   Each meeting will include updates from partner organisations including the city council leisure and culture department.   It will also include the opportunity for each member to update the forum on news and activities.

Annual General Meeting

The annual general meeting of the forum shall be held in July of each year, or as near to that date as practically possible.

At least fourteen day notice shall be given, specifying the date, time and venue of the meeting.

The business of the AGM shall include:

  • Chairpersons Report
  • Sport & Active Recreation Report
  • Finance Report
  • Election of Committee
  • Any other business

The quorum at meetings of the Derby Sport Forum shall be eight members.

Membership Fees

These will only be required if determined by a meeting and if they are necessary to forward the aims of the forum


Derby City Sport Forum is constituted and in line with this will appoint the groups treasurer to manage, report and forecast the groups financial operations. The treasurer will be authorised to deal directly with the groups bank accounts and will be a signatory on the account along with the elected Chair and Vice-Chair of the committee.

Any two of the three signatories can sign a cheque on behalf of the forum


A resolution to dissolve the forum can be passed only at an annual general meeting or extraordinary general meeting through a majority vote.

In the event of a dissolution, any assets of the forum will be allocated to suitable organisation or cause as decided at the final annual or extraordinary general meeting.

Amendments to the Constitution:

The constitution will be changed only through agreement by majority vote at an annual or extraordinary general meeting.

# In the event of any council re-organisation references to the leisure and cultural department will apply to any successor title.