Alvaston and Boulton Cricket Club

Alvaston & Boulton Cricket Club is a large, family sports club with four senior cricket teams and an expanding youth setup with participation from 6 years of age upwards.

Located on Raynesway part of the busy Outer Ring road connecting to the A52, Alvaston, Chaddesden and Spondon, neighbouring Rolls-Royce PLC (Submarine/Marine Div.).

Our big, open green space is bordered by the River Derwent and hosts multiple senior and junior games 7 days a week from April through September. The Pavilion is used to host Club and Private(hire) events on weekend evenings throughout the year and is available for meetings/training sessions on weekdays.

Having a large car park, grounds, and clubhouse our facility is used throughout the year by various organisations/partners including the Earl of Harrington Angling Club, South Derbyshire Karate Academy, Derby Owls (Visually Impaired) Cricket Club, and contractors working in and for Rolls Royce.