Project Involving Forum Wins Award

A £1m community project, of which Derby City Sport Forum, is a partner, has won an award after only a few months.

‘This is Derby’, which helps children and young people from ten wards and special needs schools with out-of-school activities to give them a better chance in life has won the Partnership Working Award from the Mighty Creatives charity.

The charity’s mission is to fight for he creative voices of all children and young people.

The Forum is part of the Partnership that is providing the activities along with arts and cultural organisation Derby Cultural Education Partnership and Derby County Community Trust which led the bid for the Government money to help youngsters in areas which the Department of Education identified as disadvantaged.

Will Turner, partnerships and impact manager of the Trust, was one of those who collected the award, but keen to heap praise on all those working to provide schemes, including those with a sporting theme.

“This is very much a reflection of the hard work and dedication of all of you that makes our partnership work,” he said. “It is obviously a great honour to be nominated but to win is amazing and shows that the work you are all doing is being highly recognised. So well done everyone!”

Forum chair Ian Cotter joined in the plaudits. “I am delighted that this project, which started only last September, has already won an award for helping youngsters improve their lives and give them a better chance for when they become adults.

“Congratulations to all those involved, including our own Forum project officer Rayan Sammut, for their pioneering work.”