Scheme To Help People Lead Healthier Lives Faces Possible Cuts

The public are being asked their views on supporting Livewell, a Derby City Council scheme to help people lead healthier lives.

The scheme, which helps people lose weight, stub out smoking, and lead healthier lives by encouraging people to take more exercise and play sport,  is subject to a public consultation by the authority about spending on services.

In the last financial year 3,065 people joined the Livewell service, which delivered 936 NHS health checks. A total of 1,160 people quit smoking. More than 60 per cent of weight clients achieved a 5% weight loss.

If it is affected the biggest impact on adults and children could be fewer people accessing the service and therefore fewer people stopping smoking and losing  weight successfully

Also, a significant reduction of venues, opening hours and focusing resources solely in areas of deprivation will have a significant impact on accessibility to the service across the city. People will have to travel further and will have less choice.

There could also be potential further widening of health inequalities within the city with fewer people that need services such as Livewell able to access it.

Here is the link to the council’s consultation process:

Consultation ends on February 1.